Frida Kahlo's Diary. Of the urgency for beauty 

This exhibition offers the possibility of delving into the intimate text of the Mexican artist "whose intermedial game, between writing and images, challenged the visual representation systems of her time", in dialogue with the work of artists Tania Candiani, Lorena Mal and Lucia Hinojosa. The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico and the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (Inbal), through the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), in collaboration with La Vaca Independiente made this exhibition possible.

 La Vaca Independiente, a cultural project that has published several editions of the newspaper and shared its vision of introspection and creative expression. For 30 years he has had a subtle and gradual revelation of his contribution as a work of art in itself and as a vehicle of self-knowledge that reveals the power of art. 

The curatorship of Jessica Berlanga Taylor brings a new approach to the diary, a unique object of creation due to the link between writing and drawing. For the first time, its textual and visual production is taken to the museum space through the display of some of its large-format pages. 

The crossing of this document with the contemporary reading proposed by the invited artists expands the symbolic elements and the power of construction of meaning present in the newspaper. The works of Tania Candiani, Lorena Mal and Lucía Hinojosa draw on it to reflect on the relationship with nature, the recovery of the Mesoamerican past, sisterhood relationships and the vindication of other paradigms of knowledge. 

The exhibition is accompanied by a public program that includes conversations with the participating artists, moving visits by Nadia Lartigue, a series of podcast with guests, such as Lucía Melgar and Cynthia Francisca, a session of Spoken Word under the leadership of Sandrah Mendoza and a rally familiar.


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