20th edition of FICM

As in previous years, this 20th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival, which will take place from October 22 to 29, will take place in a hybrid version with face-to-face screenings in the city of Morelia and virtual screenings through Cinépolis Klic , Channel 22 and FilminLatino. Of 616 works registered, 28% were carried out by female directors (175). In the Official Selection of the 20th FICM, 45% of the works were directed by women.

This year, 95 films make up the competition for the 20th edition of the festival: 11 works in the Michoacan Section (9 short films and 2 feature films), 60 titles in the Mexican Short Film Section (15 animation, 17 documentary and 28 fiction). , 14 titles in the Mexican Documentary Section and 10 titles in the Mexican Feature Film Section.

The image of its 20th edition, which is inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian and Joaquín Torres-García, made by the artist and designer Rodrigo Toledo. To graphically represent the Michoacán capital in this historical edition, a flower was chosen, specifically a rose, which in this case is a detail of the Sanctuary of Guadalupe; the Monarch butterfly, which represents the sanctuary, and the characteristic architectural elements of Morelia such as the baroque ornaments, the aqueduct and the bell towers.

The coat of arms of the municipality of Morelia is made up of three quarters of gold fields, each one with a king dressed in purple and with a scepter in his hands. It is thought that the three crowned people represent Carlos V, his brother Maximiliano and his son Felipe ll, whose memory was preserved within the shield of the city of Valladolid, in the province of Michoacán, hence the concept also includes the image of the kings.

In the case of cinema, Toledo decided to represent it through images alluding to the industry such as the star, the reels, the director's chair, a ticket, the clapperboard and celluloid. For its part, the eyes allude to the sculpture awarded by the festival, created by Javier Marín.

FICM has four official sections in competition, which are: the Michoacan Section, Mexican Short Film, Mexican Documentary, Mexican Feature Film

The festival organizes a Michoacán Short Film Script Contest, in which scripts written by authors from Michoacán by birth or residing in Michoacán participate. Since 2014, FICM has also included an Online Mexican Short Film Selection, made up of some short films from the Official Selection. These works are available on the Internet for free to everyone during the week of the festival and compete for the Online Mexican Short Film Award, granted by the public.

Since 2003, the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) has worked tirelessly to promote the work of Mexican filmmakers through its Official Selection, made up entirely of Mexican films.

Celebramos nuevamente en esta edición que Morelia Es Cine Mexicano



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