Trasfrontera Trasfrontera is an UNAM Music initiative that emerged during the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to disseminate musical projects generated in different parts of the world through audiovisual presentations made especially for the online public. The common factor of the different projects is the free and fluid passage between different genres such as jazz, rock, experimental and traditional music. 

Trasfrontera CU 70-15 is the first concert open to the public that takes place within this extensive project. It is the ideal opportunity to move from the virtual environment to the face-to-face environment and allow the university community to celebrate the start of the 2023-1 school year, as well as enjoy various proposals from the Mexican music scene. Diluting the boundaries between different musical genres such as jazz, rock, experimental and traditional music is the goal of Trasfrontera CU, a concert that this September 10, from 12 noon to 4:30 pm, will bring together, at Las Islas de Ciudad Universitaria, six daring sound proposals: the accordionist Jair Alcalá, the harpist Celso Duarte, the band Klezmerzon, Carina López, Leika Mochán and Gustavo Nandayapa, and Gabriel “Cheese” Bronfman.

For four and a half hours, the notes of the accordion, harp and drums will dialogue with klezmer, norteño and son music in a fusion that promises to ignite the historic Unamita archipelago, one of the emblematic sites of the university campus school zone . The entrance will be free and there will be sale of drinks and food for those who attend.

The event is part of the Program 70-15 Rehabit CU: Living and Dynamic Heritage, carried out by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) to commemorate 70 years since the dedication of Ciudad Universitaria and 15 years since its designation as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It has the support of the Analysis Committee for Urban, Architectural and Engineering Interventions in the Ciudad Universitaria campus and the UNAM campuses, as well as the UNAM Faculty of Architecture.

The concert is organized by CulturaUNAM and its General Directorate of Music of the UNAM, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico City, an institution that participates in the recital with the purpose of making visible and generating a greater reach for the the inhabitants and visitors of the capital, as well as with the university community.


The artists will be presented in this exceptional concert as follows:

12 p.m. Carina López, electric bass. 

Carina López's current exploration combines melodies on the electric bass with programmed sounds and experimental frequencies. The result is unconventional musical themes and atmospheres for both the instrument and the audience. It has been presented in New York, Milan, Vienna, Sarajevo, Buenos Aires and Chicago among other cities. In this concert, he will perform the songs Return to A, Synthesis, Turn of the nut and two improvisations.


12:30 pm. Leika Mochán, voice and livelooping | Gustavo Nandayapa, drums and electronics

Leika and Gustavo have explored sounds outside the comfort zone of their instruments to cover the entire sound spectrum and thus generate completely immersive music. Leika Mochán is a singer specialized in vocal music and body percussion and is a pioneer of livelooping in Mexico. Drummer Gustavo Nandayapa's repertoire encompasses experimental music, rock, jazz, and orchestral music, among other genres. For this presentation they offer sui generis versions of Let the Moon come out by José Alfredo Jiménez, The Hummingbird Sanctuary by Leika Mochán, Mixteca song by José López Alavez, Metro Balderas by Rockdrigo González, I can't find myself by David Haro and El Personal y Día of the Dead of Gustavo Nandayapa.

1 pm Gabriel “Queso” Bronfman, guitarra barítono, bajo eléctrico y berimbau

Bronfman studied composition with María Antonieta Lozano, cello with Gayane Mdoyan, and harmony with Bert Van Der Veen. He is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and arranger. He is currently the bassist for Resorte, Los Estrambóticos and K'an. He has a career spanning more than 25 years and has recorded more than 20 albums, released in Mexico, the United States, Spain, France and Canada. He has collaborated with Santa Sabina, Natalia Lafourcade, Eugenia León, Tania Libertad, Celso Piña, Cecilia Toussaint, People Project and Quem, among other musical personalities. During the Trasfrontera concert, CU will perform four free improvisations.

1:30 p.m. Klezmerson

Benjamin Shwartz, viola and keyboard | Carina Lopez, bass

Gustavo Nandayapa, drums | Sam Hammett, guitar

The Klezmerson ensemble combines melodies and rhythms from traditional Eastern European Jewish music and influences from the Mexican son tradition, gypsy music, Latin America and the Middle East. The result is a unique amalgamation and a novel sound born in Mexico City. His program will be made up of Middot, No es por nada, Pastelito de piña, Yefefiah, Reshimu, Sapir, Lieberman F. F. and Tartar tantz, all compositions by the ensemble.


2:30 pm. Celso Duarte, harp, charango and son guitar

Guests: Rodrigo Duarte, cello, electric cello, jarana and quijada

Juan Duarte, flute, guitar, jarana and jawbone | Luis Huerta, drums and percussion

With a career spanning more than 35 years playing the Latin American harp, Celso Duarte has collaborated with Lila Downs and a variety of artists. He has performed with his ensemble at festivals and stages in the United States, South Africa, Brazil and other countries. On this occasion he performs with guest musicians Rodrigo Duarte, Juan Duarte and Luis Huerta, with whom he will perform Isla Saca by Santiago Cortesi, Balada del indio by Ismael Ledesma, the tangos Taquito militar, Milonga de mis amores, Gallito cantor by José Asunción Flores. , the traditional jarocho sounds Cascabel, Siquisirí, Zapateado, the Paraguayan folk song Colorado and Charangueando (improvisation on Andean music).


3:30 pm. Jair Alcala, accordion

Guests: Israel Salazar, under fifth | Benjamin Alcala, drums

Alejandro Montalvo, tololoche | Cesar Alcala, percussion

Originally from Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Jair Alcalá has won two Latin Grammy Awards. He has collaborated with artists such as Alejandro Fernández, Mon Laferte, Maluma, Thalía, Juan Gabriel, Ricardo Arjona, Rocío Dúrcal, Pepe Aguilar, Pedro Fernández and José José, and has been a producer for Bronco and División Minúscula. He arranged and directed the music composed by Michael Nyman for the documentary 9 months 9 days. The government of Guadalupe awarded him the Medal of Citizen Merit for his contribution to the music and culture of the municipality. His presentation during this concert is titled Norestense, and will consist of instrumental songs by Jair Alcalá himself and alternative versions of norteño music, accompanied by Israel Salazar on fifth bass, Benjamín Alcalá on drums, Alejandro Montalvo on tololoche and César Alcalá on percussion.


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