Doubly Pregnant 2 It is the recent launch of the first Mexican film produced by Amazon, which managed to be placed in the number one position in the Prime Video service, shortly after it began to be shown in our country.

As happened in the first part of this feature film, Koko Stambuk, a renowned director in Latin America, directs this fun sequence in such a way that it has immediately captured the attention of the public in Mexico. Matías Novoa and Gustavo Egelhaaf star in the film, with the participation of Carmen Aub and Michelle Renaud, in the role of the brides, as well as Paola Real and Valery Sais, acting as the daughters.

The film continues the story of two men raising their daughters, in an entertaining narrative that takes place ten years after the first part. It is about making decisions about who could be the best mother for the girls, causing very funny conflicts that will change the lives of this very special family.

As long as there is love and respect in families, this story under the direction of Koko Stambuk seems to tell us, the best decisions can be made so that things work better, even if all its members have a different personality. This has made the film the number one Prime Video movie on Amazon.

Due to the success achieved, for many Mexican families, it has been very important and fun to find in this film situations that guide us on how we do it to live together, to accept each other, to respect each other, in conditions of inclusion and acceptance of all types of families. Doubly Pregnant 2, la cual no debemos perdernos. 


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