Made up of Francisca Rivero-Lake Cortina (Mexico City, 1973) and Carla Verea Hernández (Mexico City, 1978), they have been working as a duo since 2005. Their artistic practice focuses on experimentation around the expanded idea of ​​the image and photography to other media such as installation, textiles, performance and video. In 2021 they published Anni y Josef Albers. Lake Verea with the German publisher Hatze Cantz. Memory, portraiture, modern architecture and the exploration of archives of 20th century artists are his main research topics.

Day and Night, Online Memory. Lake Verea, presents two works made by the duo made up of the artists. In the Lobby of the Amparo Museum, visitors can find Online Memory, an installation that arises from a photograph made through textiles in which the image expands, comes out, disintegrates and disperses. With no beginning, no end, no front, no turning, your navigation is free and personal. The colored lines that run to and from the textile are potential forces to create a language of new memories, as well as a metaphor for lines of thought: free, unique, bold, tense, distant, extensive, unpredictable, intertwined, multicolored.

The project Day and Night, Online Memory It arises during a trip in which the artists toured part of Mexico in 2007, with the aim of reaching the Caribbean Sea. The photograph of the trip, transformed by a digital error that makes it impossible to know if it was taken during the day, at night or in a precise place, serves as a starting point for a reflection, which is built and woven by the repetition of the intersection of two axes that come together

Amparo museum

2 South 708, Historic Center, Puebla, Pue., Mexico 72000
Open from Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday closed


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