In a competition with young chefs from around the world, four young Mexicans managed to position themselves among the fifteen regional finalists from Latin America and the Caribbean, overcoming a rigorous selection process by the ALMA school – The International School of Italian Cuisine located in Italy, which evaluated their signature dish submitted during the entry process.

The four Mexican chefs who have reached the regional final will compete against eleven more young people from Latin America and the Caribbean from countries such as Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Panama, to obtain a place within the Grand Final of S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy 2022-23 to be held in Milan in 2023.

The Mexican finalists from Latin America and the Caribbean for this edition are:

Northern Tuna + Southern Pork + Mexico


Northern Tuna + Southern Pork + Mexico

“I am very passionate about gastronomy. In each of my dishes my country, its people, its ingredients and unique flavors stand out, therefore, I recognize the importance of my environment, my community and the products that are distinguished by their performance within the sustainability guidelines, I have the responsibility to share with diners the richness, tradition and culture that Mexican cuisine offers. I am proud of Mexico!” George mentioned.



“Through this dish I express my career, the way I created my personality in the kitchen and the experiences that have shaped me as a chef. It has elements from different countries, including Mexico and Panama because of my nationality, Italy because of my ancestry and gastronomic training, and Japan because of the passion I have acquired for Japanese cuisine due to my current job. The fusion of all create a mixture of flavors and techniques that represent me”

Oaxaca its land and its hands


Oaxaca its land and its hands

“Thanks to the connection we have with our people and the land, excellent dishes can be made with everyday products from our Mexican foods, we must use all our natural resources without exploiting them. I want to emphasize that I am not from Oaxaca by birth, but my family is, that is my heritage, here I show the value that I give to the land of my beautiful Oaxaca”.

Ecosystem “The Chinampas”


Ecosystem “The Chinampas”

“The chinampas are an efficient and sustainable agricultural system, they are an articulated set of artificial floating islands that were built since pre-Hispanic times. For this reason, through this dish, which has been inspired by this ecosystem, using only ingredients that are grown or can be found in this place, applying techniques and preparations from Mexican cuisine, he sought to highlight the importance of chinampas, the products organic that are grown there and also sought to recognize the hard work of the producer”.

The next phase is about presenting their signature dishes to a local jury made up of chefs Lula Martín del Campo, Rodolfo Guzmán, Arlette Eulert, Helena Rizzo and Debora Fadul. Each regional final from the 15 geographic areas will send four chefs to the Grand Final. Three of them will compete for collateral prizes: the S.Pellegrino Award for Social Responsibility, the Acqua Panna Award for Connection in Gastronomy and the Food for Thought Award for Lovers of Haute Cuisine. But only one will have the opportunity to be named the best young chef in the world.

In the Grand Final, the young chefs who compete for the main prize will have the opportunity to cook their signature dishes again, but this time for "The Seven Wise Men" a grand jury made up of some of the best chefs in the world.

Rocío García