VITA BREVIS, the word as a mechanism for freedom.

You disowned me because you loved me too much.

This work performed by Ángeles Cruz, the director of the acclaimed film: Nudo Mixteco, based on a homonymous text by the author Jostein Gaarder, German Castillo Scenic Event, who celebrates 50 years of experience.

Vita BrevisIn the words of German Castillo: "This work is a scenic event that bets fundamentally on the written word, which is the most precise memory of the species, and the enunciated word that brings it to the ephemeral present". 

Actress Angeles Cruz represents Floria, the protagonist of the story, who after reading the confessions de San Agustín makes a letter with the passages that he considers offensive to his person. VitaBrevis gives voice to a woman who may have written that letter in the 3rd century AD. His position is transcendental because he faces a religious power that, like all powers, is repressive and oppressive. In short, this montage is the struggle of Judeo-Christian ideas against the freedom of nature.  

Jostein Gaarder

Philosopher, teacher and writer. In 1990 he received the National Prize for Literary Criticism in Norway, as well as the Literary Prize of the Ministry of Social and Scientific Affairs for The mystery of the lonely and the following year he received the European Prize for Youth Literature. Among his works is Sofia's world, which has been considered one of the universal pillars of literature.

Germán Castillo

Theater director, teacher, writer and designer. He has directed around one hundred works that include: Greek theater, Elizabethan theater, theater of the Golden Age, Mexican and current theater. He was a fellow of the Mexican Center of Writers and a member of the National System of Art Creators. He teaches at the main universities in Mexico. His latest productions are: Medea (2015-2016) in his own version alongside Mansell Boyd; Lear or the senescence of power (2016), own adaptation de El Rey Lear de Shakespeare y, Vanesa (2018) by Tania Mayrén, with a season at Sala Villaurrutia.

Ángeles Cruz

Actress, director and producer, born in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca. Graduated from INBAL. She is a multi-award-winning stage creator who has received several of the most important national and international awards. She has been recognized with the Ariel and La Palmita EFM Prize of the XVI French Cinema Tour. Currently we can appreciate his most recent production at the Cineteca Nacional: Nudo Mixteco. His last works in theater were: The tree, by Elena Garro, directed by Miguel Romero; Maroma, Orquesta Pasatono, where he acted and directed; Y La Tiricia, (music and stories to cure sadness in one act).

This staging Vita Brevis will be presented until July 31 

 Friday at 8:00 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays at 6:00 p.m.

The Grotto Forum

Hellenic Cultural Center. 

El costo de los boletos es de $310.