A daring thriller based on real data and a route full of legends.

Manel Loureiro writer and lawyer, his first novel, Apocalypse Z. The beginning of the end, a horror thriller, began as an internet blog that he wrote in his spare time. Due to the great success it achieved (it had more than a million and a half readers online and became a viral phenomenon), it was published in 2007, automatically becoming a bestseller. He currently collaborates with the newspapers ABC and El Mundo and Cadena SER.

The author once again pays homage to the Galician land with the bone thief(Planet), a vertiginous work that explosively brings together the story of espionage, the contemporary tensions of the post-Soviet world and the one we live in after 9/11, to take us beyond symbols and enigmas to a brutal conflict between irresistible forces with the Christian world and its relics as a battlefield while the protagonist, on her own path as a traveler, carries out her personal process of self-discovery.

Never before has such a journey been imagined on a route so laden with legends. the bone thief is the latest proof of Manel Loureiro's talent for building bold plots from real data, giving his stories a relentless plausibility down to their most intrepid details.

The protagonists, Laura and Carlos, find themselves in Galicia, at the beginning of one of the last stages of the so-called Camino de Santiago, an ancient journey of pilgrimage and devotion; After surviving a catastrophic attack on the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico, she suffers from a certain amnesia that prevents her from remembering her past.

An anonymous call just before the two have dinner in a hostel in the picturesque town seems to drag her back to a previous and terrifying time; when he returns to the side of his companion, he has disappeared without a trace and a new call is to make him an impossible task: he must steal the bones of the apostle Santiago, or his partner will die. He only has seven days to fulfill the absurd mission and soon he must find a way to cover the distance between dangers of all kinds, betrayals and constant surveillance. Who is Laura really, and how did she end up involved in such a plot? 

The book is available in physical, audiobook and eBook.


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