Julio Galán (1958) Pull out a tooth, 1994
Oil on canvas MARCO Museum Collection

"My art is a mirror, it is the filter that filters my reality, I use it to take revenge on my past."

A Rabbit Split in Half reviews Julio Galán's production and its relationship with photography, film and performance. The painter developed a unique language, extremely rich and complex, whose originality went unnoticed for a long time in the discourses of contemporary art. The exhibition offers a critical look at identity fictions and discursive models associated with multiculturalism.

Julio Galán (1958) Child in bed, 1983
Oil on canvas Private collection

The exhibition presents more than 80 paintings and sculptures from national and international collections and is complemented by photographs and portraits of Graciela Iturbide, Juan Rodrigo Llaguno and Enrique Badulescu, as well as personal objects and archive material. The set of works transversally highlights the relevance of certain thematic nuclei, such as childhood and adolescence, as well as their relationship with gender violence. The exhibition also points to the recurrence of iconographic motifs such as labyrinths, domestic interiors and scenic devices, and the use of recognition and representation strategies, such as self-portraits, masquerades and transvestism.

The exhibition is curated by Magalí Arriola, director of the Museo Tamayo

Until September 4, 2022


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