Bill Viola. Tristan’s Ascension.
View of the exhibition “Bill Viola. Suspended time” in Ex Teresa Arte Actual, 2022
Photography: David Diaz Rocha. Courtesy Ex Teresa Current Art

Bill Viola in this exhibition takes as a conceptual axis the idea of ​​the temporality of the human condition expressed through the body and its gestures. The works somehow refer to a sacred or "suspended" time where the human body is a sign that reveals the fleetingness of existence and the desire to dilate or extend the impermanent.

The exhibition is made up of a selection of eight representative works of the artist's work, presented in medium and large format video installations to create an immersive, visual and sound experience, in dialogue with the architectural space of the former Temple of Santa Teresa la Antigua, headquarters by Ex Teresa Current Art. The works invite the visitor to immerse himself in a reflective experience on fundamental notions of the human experience such as temporality, the impermanent, dissolution, purification and rebirth.

Bill Viola is considered an iconic video art artist. Born in New York in 1951, he has created powerful moving images since the early 1970s through audiovisual techniques and the exploration of new technologies. His work incorporates direct references to the history of art, putting a Christian mystical vision in dialogue with Eastern thoughts from Hinduism, Sufism or Buddhism. His “moving paintings” internalize states of silence and meditation through the manipulation and slowing down of images inspired by works of Renaissance or Baroque religious painting.

Fire Woman, 2005
Video installation with sound. High definition color video projection, four sound channels with subwoofer (4.1) 580 x 325 cm 11´12´´ Performer: Robin Bonaccorsi

Fire Woman is an image seen from the inner eye of a dying man. The dark silhouette of a female figure emerges in front of a burning wall. After a few minutes the figure advances, extends its arms and falls submerged in its own reflection. When the flames of passion and fever finally engulf the inner eye, the realization that the body of desire will never be found again blinds the seer, the reflective surface shatters and collapses into its most essential form: undulating patterns of light. pure.

The Ascension of Tristram
(The sound of the mountain under a waterfall), 2005
Video installation with sound. High definition color video projection; four sound channels with subwoofer (4.1) 580 x 325 cm 10’16”
Performer: John Hay

Tristan's Ascension describes the ascent of the soul after death, when it awakens and is swept away by a waterfall that flows backwards. The body of a man is seen lying on a stone slab in an empty concrete room. Tiny droplets of water become visible as they leave the ground and fall into space. What begins as a light rain soon becomes a thunderous deluge, and the cascading water pushes the inert body of the man, giving him life. His arms move on their own and his torso arches up in the churning water.

Finally, his entire body rises from the slab and is swept away by the waters, disappearing above. The torrent of water gradually subsides and the droplets shrink until only the empty slab remains, glistening on the damp ground.

© Bill Viola

The curatorship was in charge of Kira Perov, Francisco J. Rivas Mesa, Valeria Macías Rodríguez, Melisa Lio Flores.

Until August 28, 2022




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