Deborah Castillo. Challenging the Colossus: Three Acts

Venezuelan artist Déborah Castillo presents El performance challenging the colossus which is part of a series “affronts”, which the artist has staged against the figure and the monument to the caudillo. He questions the power structures that historically arise and base their authority on the feverish cult that these figures have awakened in Latin America.

The performance is made up of three consecutive actions in which he uses busts made of wet clay, each one placed on a pedestal. It is part of the body of work that the creator began in Venezuela from a critique of political power in that country in recent years. In this sense, his work has evolved towards a more abstract reflection focused on how power in Latin America is articulated through rituals and gestures.

Déborah Castillo has developed a multidisciplinary work between photography, video art, performance and installation, in which she examines the representations of the roles that she has had to play as a Latin American woman and artist. It carries out an analysis through representation, parody, staging, the formulation of speeches and the creation of characters. His own body is often used as the protagonist or stage for his actions.

Through these strategies, he addresses issues such as sexuality, censorship, aberrations of power, stereotyped social behavior, the political potential of the image, the collapse of institutions, manipulation of the imaginary, the ruin of ideologies, socioeconomic distortion, and current cultural crisis. From her first searches to her most recent ones, she is attentive to the transformations of traditional mythologies, as well as the emergence of new myths.

This piece is part of the archive of the NYU Hemispheric Institute and the Franklin Furnace Archive, it was also awarded the 2019 Franklin Furnace Fund: Past, Present, and Future V Award, in New York City.

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