A book co-published by Editorial RM and the Frida Kahlo Museum. This edition includes 12 essays written by specialists, with almost 300 images from the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Archive.

The Frida Kahlo universe presents a rich diversity of themes, ideas, and concepts around the images from the Frida Kahlo Museum archive in Mexico City, which manage to bring the audience closer to Kahlo's characteristic clothing and the impressive collections of popular and pre-Hispanic art that he brought together with Diego Rivera, his relationship with photography and the history of La Casa Azul, his beloved home, the current home of the museum. This volume takes us into the universe of Frida Kahlo and explores the legacy of an indispensable figure in the world of art and culture of the 20th century, both in her native Mexico and in the rest of the world.

Daughter of Wilhelm (Guillermo) Kahlo and Matilde Calderón, Frida Kahlo, at the age of six, fell ill with polio, causing her right leg to become shorter. At 18, he had a tragic accident. The bus she was traveling on was run over by a tram. Due to the immobility to which she was subjected for several months as a result of the accident, Frida began to paint. In 1929 Frida married muralist Diego Rivera. Despite her poor health and multiple surgeries, Frida was an intensely active artist. Both in her work and in her daily life, Frida sought to rescue the roots of Mexican popular art, and that interest is reflected in her work. Among the paintings that make up the work of the painter, some of the most famous are The Two Fridas, Viva la Vida, A Few Piquetitos, The Broken Column and Diego in my Thought. His works are in numerous private collections in Mexico, the United States and Europe.

Frida in the Library of the Casa Azul, Coyoacán, Mexico City, ca. 1949. Photography: Antonio Kahlo.

Her personality has been adopted as one of the flags of feminism, disability, sexual freedom and Mexican culture. Frida Kahlo has become a reference that goes beyond the myth that the painter created of herself. Frida Kahlo died in the Casa Azul in Mexico City on July 13, 1954, when the National Institute of Fine Arts was preparing a retrospective exhibition for her as a National Tribute.

On the other hand, the Blue House is the Intimate Universe of Frida Kahlo. In this beautiful residence, the artist lived most of her life; initially with his family and years later, with Diego Rivera. Likewise, interesting Mexican and foreign visitors stayed in this place, attracted by the captivating couple of artists. Frida wanted to leave her house as a museum, to learn and enjoy her beloved Mexico. For this reason, after her death, Diego organized the Frida Kahlo Museum here. The museography was in charge of the museographer, professor and great poet from Tabasco, Carlos Pellicer, a very close friend of the couple. The administration of the Museum was entrusted to the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, attached to the Bank of Mexico and established by Rivera himself in 1957.

Since the inauguration of the Museum in July 1958, the Blue House has exhibited the environment in which Frida was inspired for her creation, as well as her personal belongings. Along with paintings by both artists, notable works of popular art, pre-Columbian sculptures, photographs, documents, books and furniture are displayed. The beautiful garden is an essential part of the Blue House; Crossing it, you access the Frida's Dresses exhibition.

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