MMMB II Timeline. Mario Arroyave. Courtesy Artifice Gallery

Arroyave's work is based on the reinvention of being through travel; from the detachment of the interactions that define us as a reflection of previously conceived information, thus reaching empty spaces where time disappears and we are allowed to blur to adopt new forms. His series titled Timeline, of greater magnitude and recognition, reflects that temporary inexistence, generating the notion of time-space from the interactions of people or objects that inhabit or act in a specific place. Likewise, it captures the innate elegance of seemingly ordinary leisure actions. Arroyave highlights and accentuates the human body and its athleticism through its themes ranging from cliff divers, synchronized swimmers, water polo players and paddle surfers. In this way, vast landscapes are created that expand that space as a result of the accumulation of interactions that are generated in it, and these, in turn, are synthesized in a single timeless moment.

Synchronized swimming. Mario Arroyale. Courtesy Artifice Gallery

Originally from Espinal, Colombia, the approach of Mario Arroyave He began to photography empirically when he was 13 years old, a task he cultivated in parallel while studying systems engineering and advertising. It was not until 2010 that Mario began his career as a plastic artist, participating in the opening of The Warehouse Art Gallery (currently SGR Gallery). Since then, his career has been on the rise, consolidating himself as one of the young artists, whose work revolves around photographic languages, with greater recognition on the national scene. 

Having studied systems engineering, Mario Arroyave incorporates concepts of physics and computer science to create his photographic works, where he explores the relationship between the human body and space, and the interactions that take place over time. Portraying our humanity from high perspectives, evidencing with a wide angle view the non-existence of our individuality, creating spaces where we perceive ourselves as a macro organism, as a large human tissue.

Water polo. Mario Arroyave. Courtesy Artifice Gallery

Being one of the most promising and most recognized young artists in art, Mario Arroyave's works have been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in galleries and institutions in Bogotá, Medellín, Lima, São Paulo, Miami, Dallas, New York. and Tokyo (among others). Currently some of his photographs are part of the catalog of Artífice Gallery, como Swimming HelsinkiWaterpoloDivers 1 and Synchronized Swimming 1 and 2.

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