We interviewed Huecco, he told us about his new XV Anniversary album, about the new sounds, new image and about Under your skin *, the first video clip in the world financed 100% with Bitcoins.

Under your skin* represents the whole essence of Huecco: rogue lyrics, mixed with a differential sound that unites acoustic guitars with electronics. The artist has also chosen to release two versions, one much more pop-electronic on Spotify, and another on YouTube for which he has had the fantastic Belarusian artist Anastasia McQueen and her saxophone. 

The crypto clip, sponsored by Coinmotion, represents a trip to the immediate future, with state-of-the-art vehicles such as Maserati's first hybrid SUV, the Levante Hybrid or the new eFoils, electric surfboards powered without fossil fuels. The director Pepo Alfaro with his production company 11:11 Filmmakers, achieves a completely cinematographic atmosphere drawn with mastery.

This single, and its crypto clip, are a preview of the disc 'XV Aniversario' that commemorates his fifteen years in music with this solo project, after his time with the rap-metal band Sugarless. In our interview this is what he told us:

How would you describe this XV ANIVERSARIO album?

It is an album that sums up my 15-year career. With some of the hits like Looking at Heaven* or Impossible Treasures*, but re-recorded with Spanish artists and we're looking to see if we can also have a Mexican artist, which I think so, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. The other half of the disc are previously unreleased songs like Bajo tu piel*. 

What were the challenges to make this first cryptoclip? 

The main challenge was convincing those involved to open a wallet in the coimotion wallet of the sponsor and to charge with this new currency. Because it was not easy, because not everyone has confidence. The people want the wool in their currency. So the challenge was to convince one by one, makeup artists, hairdressers, photographer, designer, the illustrator who did the cover, the photo director, everyone. Even the provider of the yacht where Anastasia gets on sunbathing. So well that was the main challenge but very very grateful because in the end everything went well

What were you looking to express with this crypto clip?

There are several open dialogues, but a summary would be Hello technology and up to here* Regarding this, the flying board seems extraordinary to me, which rises one meter above the sea. The training was a challenge, it really makes you dizzy when you're like this at a good speed and one meter above the sea. I was lucky because the week before recording the video, in December, I went to Barcelona and the sea was very rough, I couldn't stand on the board, it gave me a lot of frustration because I had trained all summer. Luckily for the week of the recording everything went well. 

Going back to before, in the end, technology is a hug.

But on a metaphor level, the video is about what would we be without music? Reclaiming our work: when the Russian guy tells the Russian to find a normal job What, music isn't? and she, very empowered, as it should be, tells her who you are to tell me what I have to do and to judge whether or not music is a normal job, that's my life!

How has your music evolved?

I think it has evolved with what is being asked of me every moment. In this case, I wanted to experiment with more modern sounds. On the LOBO album, which was 6 years ago, I went for Tarantino-type guitars, old guitars, it was a different sound. But the important thing is not to lose the essence, that in 10 seconds you recognize Huecco. And even if it's an opera, when you hear my voice you know it's Huecco. With that advantage I can go to almost any style, in this case electronic pop, which was what I wanted in the unreleased songs on the album. You will find more urban sounds, more electronic pop, more Stone Temple Pilots sound, more Imagine Dragons sound.

How is your creative process? 

The pandemic in that aspect, as a creator, I have had a bad time. Being locked up doesn't inspire you. Travel inspires me, I've always said it. And traveling to Mexico always makes my hair stand on end. People believe that you see a pretty look and you get inspired, if you don't choose inspiration, it will come in a moment. I remember that one day a melody came to me in a parking lot, a very unromantic place. You don't choose inspiration but you provoke it. With travel, one day you find a flavor, Mexican food, a new beer, a place, the smells of cities are different, the visual. Just getting out of your comfort zone, leaving Madrid to go to another city, to another country, that's what I call emotional impacts. A machine gun of emotional impacts, which you accumulate, they hit you in the chest and then come out in the form of songs. 

What are your plans?

The first 3 concerts in Spain, Seville, Malaga and Zaragoza have been opened. Where also for the first time the space is made to buy in bitcoin or you can pay in euros. We will play all summer in Spain. After that, travel to Mexico and present the album. It will come out not before the fall, my intention is that as soon as the album comes out, the first thing would be to play in Mexico, not in another country or in another place. Since I have been so long without going, the first thing I want is to be there. Having as a priority, going to my second home, which is Mexico 

How have your experiences been collaborating with other artists and who would you like to collaborate with?

A good example would be with Rozalen, a Spanish artist who is very good, well respected and who surprised me. I invite you to listen to it on Spotify or the video. The song is Looking at the sky* and I reinterpreted it with her. Rozalen sings very beautifully, with a very sweet voice, as well as raspada.

I would like to collaborate with Mexican artists, try something urban with the Santa Fe klan. I love what this guy does, he has a very cool flow. With some regional Mexican artist, of course. Because precisely we have nothing to do with each other and I think that those poles will attract each other in some song. You know I'm really crazy, so we'll match them up. Also with some pop artist, rock with you, I won't give you clues but I'm already seeing some little things. It may be in another country that is not Mexico but from Latin America, Chile, Argentina, Colombia that we are also looking at. For me, they are going to add some colors to the album that they don't have right now and that I would love.

Huecco also goes further and also becomes the first Spanish artist to put on sale tickets for the tour of his new album in bitcoin or Ethereum, which are available on his page. 


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