This exhibition reviews the work of Joan Brossa (1919–1998) based on three main qualities: orality, the performative and anti-poetry. From his first books to his latest artistic inquiries that go through theater, cinema, music and the arts of action (gestures of which he was a pioneer). In Brossa we find a work that is largely visual, largely performative, but ultimately the work of a poet. His books and plastic research go through theater, cinema, music and action arts. 

Brossa has developed his artistic practice since the 1940s, in a sociopolitical context marked by the Franco dictatorship and in a cultural situation characterized by the absence of avant-garde and innovative proposals. However, he carries out a work of aesthetic renewal based on literary and artistic research. His work plays with impurity as a space that transits in the interrelation of languages ​​and their constant crossing. The poetic understood as a whole. 

Brossa is a poet, but his works are always found at the crossroads of languages. Frequent collaborator of other artists, as well as musicians, filmmakers, dancers, comedians and even magicians, his work constantly tries to break conventions and limits between disciplines.

Curators:Teresa Grandas and Pedro G. Romero

Until March 27


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