Imagine an afternoon in Oaxaca with the view of its unique blue sky in contrast to the beautiful green quarry of its monuments and the wind that has already swept through the mountains and its agaves, a mystical experience that only Oaxaca can offer. This is the new gin with which Casa Pedro Domecq continues to expand its roots in the world of distillates, to connect at a deeper level with the new generations. A gin inspired by our culture, made by Mexican hands for the world. It is Cantera Verde, a fresh and bright gin with subtle notes of green agave.

Gin is one of the spirits that has raised the most controversies and passions. The path that has been traveled since the ancient Dutch first distilled an alcohol with juniper berries until today, when gin is synonymous with sophistication and the good life, is an exciting path, linked to the world economy, scientific discoveries and to the social tendencies of each historical moment. Now Cantera Verde, the Mexican gin, brings to this exciting drink the highly appreciated and significant touch of green agave, which together with the aroma of juniper and citrus gives us an incomparable flavor, to enjoy at any time, when sharing with friends or enjoying the sunset of a beautiful sky like the one in Oaxaca. 

It is impossible not to be surprised by its design, the master craftsmen, Jacobo and María, world-renowned in the elaboration of alebrijes, create a fabulous label that is made up of an Eagle, a snake and a jaguar. Without a doubt Cantera Verde is an interpretation of Oaxaca in a gin.

Su líquido es su esencia y unicidad, sus sutiles notas de agave le dan un fresco y delicioso sabor, que lo convierten en el gin a la mexicana  ideal para disfrutarse con agua tónica y un slide de limón, ahora el Gin and Tonic tiene sabor a México.

The launch of Cantera Verde is championed by Alan Estrada, creator and protagonist of the “Alan around the world” project, who has been selected by Cantera Verde as brand ambassador. The advertising campaign was filmed in Oaxaca, by LP Films.

Green Quarry. The Mexican Gin


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