The International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Mexico City reaches its sixth edition, in a hybrid format that would allow the public to enjoy in person and virtually the 11 dance programs of outstanding international companies from 10 different countries.

This edition endorses the objective that emerged in 2016, as a project aimed at generating new platforms for the appreciation of national and international contemporary dance in Mexico City. Proposal that promotes contact between the public of the Mexican Capital and diversity of dance proposals of high national and international quality.

With two Lunas awards from the National Auditorium, the International Contemporary Dance Festival of Mexico City, under the direction of Rodrigo González and Raúl Tamez, bets on the prevalence of contemporary dance in the social imaginary, and at the same time offers new opportunities for local, national and foreign talents.

On Tuesday, August 10, at the Dance Theater of the Forest Cultural Center, the Colombian dancer Wilmer Osuna Serna, will give a sample of his talent by presenting the piece "Memorial", later a work by La Infinita Compañía will be staged.

In the same venue, but on August 11, it will be the turn of the company from the United States Degenerate Art Ensemble, who will share a sample of their work with the piece “SKLTON FLOWER”.

On August 12, at the Raúl Flores Canelo Theater, of the National Center for the Arts, the performer from the Dominican Republic, Evelyn Tejeda, will present “Impossible Explain”, alongside the Americans, Kora Radella and Chris Szajbert; as well as Push/FOLD, with the piece “EARLY”.

In the same Cenart venue, but on August 13, five artists from different latitudes will share the stage: Luca Scaduto, from Germany, Tom Tsai (from USA/TAIWAN, Baldomero Beltrán from Colombia, Proyecto Coyote, from Mexico, and Xing Dance Theater Allen Chunhui Xing, from the USA.

At the mixed Raúl Flores Canelo Theater, on August 14 the public will be able to enjoy the corporeal movements of the Chilean Pseudonym Company of Contemporary Art with “TRANSLUCID”. In addition to the presentation of the Colombians Proyecto Clandestino with "ZIMÓN'ES".

Para el último día, el 15 de agosto, en la Plaza de las Artes, del Centro Nacional de las Artes se compartirá la presentación de chilenos de Pseudónimo Compañía de Arte Contemporáneo con “TRANSLÚCIDOS”. Además de la presentación de los colombianos Proyecto Clandestino con “ZIMÓN’ES”. Y para cerrar con broche de oro, en el Teatro Raúl Flores Canelo, se presentará la Compañía InCorpo Danza de Uruguay y Colombia, con la obra “CRUDO”.

Channel 22 will broadcast the entire festival, as one more venue, this being the television and virtual platform for the public that cannot attend the theater, in charge of Yahuaca Producciones.

Rocío García

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