"We believe in processes as a fundamental part of the energy of garments..." Carolina Rivera

Kimos Apparel is a fashion design proposal, a local brand created by Carolina Rivera who offers us elegant and innovative textiles and lines.

When we wear a garment we are involving not only fashion or aesthetic beauty, we also incorporate feelings and emotions of a different nature, therefore KIMOS APPAREL offers us all its garments in one size and unisex, demonstrating that women and men are unique. Thus, all the colors and designs of this proposal are specially dedicated to those who want to highlight on their exterior the most beautiful things that they carry inside.

It is time to be supportive and empathic with people and KIMOS APPAREL knows it and feels it, because it brings us significant promotions of its wonderful garments. Come to KIMOS APPAREL so that they can give you all the information you need and get in touch on their social networks or on a special number for home deliveries, it's very simple:

Facebook @kimosapparel
Instagram @kimosapparel
Whats app : 4 1515 11527


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