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The night is me

Henri Donnadieu

Publisher: planet

It was the night of January 23, 1977. Calle Londres 156, in the Zona Rosa, she dressed in stoles, sequins, and high heels. All they went to what would be the first gay and rock club in Mexico. The assistants they were expectant: an oasis of freedom in nightlife was about to be born. Who planned it?

It was Henri Donnadieu, the Producer of the Night, a extravagant Frenchman who liked to live without rules and without limits. I know trained as a military parachutist in France, studied at the Sorbonne, organized the first cabaret company in Mexico, survived three attacks. But his masterstroke was missing: he created the mythical Disco Bar on the 9th, which summoned the most unique clientele: Café Tacvba, Caifanes and Maldita Vecindad began their race here; there was no lack of visits from Carlos Monsiváis, Pita Amor and María Felix. And the night was no less amazing if Silvia Pinal arrived, Sylvester Stallone and Sean Connery.

Without planning it, Henri made the night his home and 9, one of the most important cultural icons of the eighties.

30 ways to take your hat off

Elvira Lindo

Foreword by Elena Poniatowska

Publisher: Seix Barral

n the twenties, Maruja Mallo, Margarita Manso and Concha Méndez defied the norms of the time by taking off their hats in the middle of Puerta del Sol, making that gesture an act of disobedience. women writers, painters, photographers and creators from various disciplines have followed her example by expressing their opinions and transferring their particular vision of the world to the debate culture of his time. Throughout history, many women have been forced to take off the hat of the social imposition that has kept them far from a predominantly male intellectual community.

Prologued by Elena Poniatowska, one of the great Spanish-language writers, Elvira Lindo presents twenty-nine essays literary works that analyze the work and the time in which creators lived who have developed his work outside the more conventional canon, and a magnificent self-portrait in which he reviews his life and literary career.

Always attentive to both the social and domestic spheres in the framework of creation, Elvira Lindo displays all her empathy, erudition, and eclectic and inquisitive spirit with magnificent prose in this magnificent narrative mosaic.

the escapist

Brad Meltzer

Publisher: Planet

Who is Nola Brown? A mystery. A problem. and it's supposed that she is dead

Nola Brown's body was found in the remains of a plane that mysteriously crashed while leaving a secret military base In alaska. However, when the body arrives at the morgue of the Base of the Dover Air Force, Jim Zigarowski, the embalmer, discovers that it is impossible that the remains in front of him are those of Nola. she was friend of his daughter, and Zig, as everyone knows him, is determined to discover the true… If Nola is still alive, she is in grave danger.

Nola is an artist-in-residence with the United States Army, a prestigious since it consists of making paintings that reflect the consequences of the war, contributing observations that, otherwise, would be passed by tall. But on his last mission he saw something he shouldn't have, which earned him a powerful enemy who will do everything to keep her silent.

Now, Nola and Zig will have to expose the world to an incredible conspiracy involving the highest echelons of power or they will die trying to uncover America's best-kept secret: a plot that goes back in history to the greatest escapist of all time, Harry Houdini.


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