Planeta presents “The Gunners” by Rebecca Kauffman.

Los Gunner

Rebecca Kauffman

Editorial: Planeta

Theme: Literary novel / Contemporary novel

When Mikey and his friends were children, the world seemed enormous and offered them endless possibilities, despite the reality so different and difficult for each one. The Gunners, as they called themselves, used to meet at night in the abandoned house at the end of the street and dream with what the future had in store for them.

But now they have grown, each one has taken different paths and life has not turned out as promised. The first crack of your separation was when Sally decided to walk away from the group without giving explanations; later the inevitable maturity was in charge of ending what was left of the Gunner.

 It's been ten years and the reunion is bittersweet: Sally committed suicide and her funeral is the reason for her death. meeting. His mysterious distancing from the group is back on the table. They all feel guilty, but they know that there are secrets that are better kept. to keep intact the beauty of that childhood.

 In this way, Rebecca Kauffman takes us to our childhood, be it beautiful or not, but we landed perhaps on the porch of a friend 20 years ago, and we can see our knees scraped from playing on perhaps unsafe streets, perhaps not, and after reading Los Gunner maybe we can miss the neighbor we didn't like, or look fondly at the muddy field where we no longer play.


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