Peter Brook: winner of the 2019 Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts

The theater is like silence. When you talk about him he disappears.

Peter Brook.

Usually one does not know where it will come when you begin to undertake the adventure of life; of children even we have dreamed of being astronauts and ended up being lawyers for example. In the art is similar, how many children we did not estimate to be inside the world of fine arts and, over the years, we would wake up one day and we would be immersed to the marrow, whether painting, directing or writing for one of the greatest causes of fascination that can exist in this earth plane and even, perhaps after leaving this plane. In short, the fact is to continue and look towards where we will arrive, yes, do it in the best way.

Sometimes, and although our chance is perhaps responsible, the virtues by which destiny has guided us make us worthy of great recognition, the lights turn towards us, we consolidate ourselves in what is ours, and thus, in this way it is that the history of being human has been written since the beginning.

Peter being the son of Russian Jews emigrated to England, He became one of the most important theatrical figures of the twentieth century. past. Since he studied at the Westminster School, at the Escuela Gresham and, after graduating in Arts from the prestigious University of Oxford, barely twenty years old; in 1945 He began directing his first theatrical works. This is how you start your way in the theater, but also in the cinema and the opera.

This pioneer of British experimental theater, in the years 1947 and 1950 he was director of the Royal Opera House and in 1962 he entered the Royal Shakespeare Company where he developed works such as "King Lear" or "A Midsummer Night's Dream". A little later, In 1970 he would turn his life and his work into an interest in Asian and African theatre, which is why he inclined to create a research center in Paris, the International Center for Theater Research, of which he is currently director.

In 1985, he presented "Mahabharata", a six-hour theatrical production, a work with which for many he achieved his definitive consecration. His latest works include "Sizwe Banzi est mort" (2007), "Eleven and Twelve" (2009) and "Warum Warum" (2010). Peter Brook has managed to direct operas by Bizet or Debussy for London's Covent Garden and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and films such as Lord of the Flies.

For all this and more, theater director Peter Brook born in London in the year 1925 ha been awarded the 2019 Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts, according to announced the award jury, meeting in Oviedo. to the edition of this year there were forty candidates of seventeen different nationalities

Peter's Criterion of Direction Brook is one of the most dazzling and influential in contemporary theater. His work has been distinguished with two Tony Awards for Best Direction, one for "Marat/Sade" and another for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare. His works «Measure by measure» (1950), «The tempest» (1955) or "The visit" (1958), in addition to "Timón de Atenas" (1974), "Ubu Rey" (1977), "La Conference of the Birds» (1976) or «The Cherry Orchard» (1981). According to the jury, Brook "broke new horizons in contemporary dramaturgy, contribute decisively to the exchange of knowledge between cultures as different as those of Europe, Africa and Asia». The English playwright adds the record, "continues to move intensely through staging of great purity and simplicity, faithful to its concept of empty space».

Brook also has a writer side. published his autobiography "Hilos del tiempo" in 1998, which joined his bibliography with notable titles such as "The Empty Space" (1968), converted into a text fundamental on modern theater and published in more than 15 languages; «Evoking (and Forgetting)", "Shakespeare (2002)", and "There are No Secrets" (1993).

Knight of the French Legion of Honor and commander of the Order of the British Empire, Peter Brook is an honorary doctor for several universities and an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Among the awards received by Brook, in addition to those mentioned Tony, Emmy, Molière, Laurence Olivier, etc. stand out. among many others acknowledgments.


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