"Hitler's death" The KGB investigation published after 70 years.

Hitler's death

Jean-Christophe Brisard | Lana Parshina

Publisher: Diana

Here's the research that reveals it all: interrogations of the Nazi officers who lived through the last days of the Führer, plans of his secret bunker in Berlin, color photographs of the alleged remains of the dictator and a dark history that sheds light on the most mystery of the 20th century.

Berlin, April 30, 1945 hear a shot inside the bunker. Heinz Linge enters the room and finds the inert body on an armchair. Hitler has committed suicide. your faithful assistant takes the corpse to a safe place and sets it on fire. That is what would tell the KGB officers that they tortured him during long nights of wild interrogations. If that happened, why were the remains? Seventy years later, Jean-Christophe Brisard and Lana Parshina obtained exclusive access to the confidential files on the search for the Hitler's body. Finally, the Kremlin agreed to present them with human remains: a piece of skull with a bullet impact and a dental prosthesis. The Russians They say it's about Hitler. In addition, the renowned forensic doctor Philippe Charlier reconstructs the scene of the suicide: the explosion of the gun, the fall of the body, the blood stains.


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