In Puebla in the 1920s, various artists and intellectuals met in bars in the Barrio del Artista, a place where exchanged ideas of original homemade liqueurs, better known as concoctions. A particularly popular concoction was made from chili width. This is how in Ancho Reyes this poblana is honored with spicy original recipes: Ancho Reyes Original and Ancho Reyes Verde, two liquors authentically Mexican.

Ancho Reyes Verde®, is a Mexican artisanal liqueur inspired by a recipe from the 1920s and originally from Puebla, which is present in more than 30 countries around the world, spreading its traditional and ancestral techniques for the production of this liquid. This brand is committed to local production, using chiles from the fertile land, as well as their selection by hand, in order to achieve one of the best liquors in the world, 100% Mexican. This liqueur remains within the selection of the best liqueurs in the world.

This is how Ancho Reyes created the perfect cocktail so that throughout the spring you have an excuse to freshen up and Enjoy pleasant moments with your group of friends. So, without further ado, we will proceed to give the recipe of a drink that is necessary to prepare for these short vacations, thus managing to escape a bit of the heat with which the month of April is haunting us.



INGREDIENTS: 1 oz. of Ancho Kings Green.

5 oz. white vermouth

1 oz. by Sake1 oz eureka lemon juice.

5 oz chamomile cordial

PREPARATION: Mix all the ingredients in a shaker accompanied by a lot of ice. Shake for ten seconds, then strain and serve in a short glass with ice. As decoration you can use two grapes and a slice of lemon. Create and enjoy the best cocktails with Ancho Reyes. #ElMenjurjeDeMexico


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