Dr. Zupreme. The art of orchestrating wars.

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As in the street as in the sky, one of so many vatos walks alone at night, in his backpack they house two colors, a black and a spray chrome with which he paints his flag, comes from see the crew, his fingers are dripping with paint and the aroma of freshly splashed lacquer on some fence, where the name of some politician on campaign – surely corrupt – something that is very common in the largest and smoothest fences in the cities and that, curiously, are the fences where you most want to throw a minimum tag.

 the guy goes to a stand on any corner and buys some potatoes with salsa and one of those black drinks and keeps them in his backpack, walks a few meters and enter an alley on your left, then walk 5 more houses front and then to the right you enter your house at an orange tone door like of taqueria; already at home he goes into the kitchen and from the wooden cabinet takes out a glass big one of those that moms recycle after buying a liter of yogurt, fills it with ice and the soda she took out of her backpack, while he savors his potatoes already souped for the sauce and goes into his room. is stripped out of his sneakers, he takes out a notebook, pencil, and eraser, putting them on a table where there is still room for your impromptu dinner while your mother arrives from work in the pharmacy that is about an hour and a half from your home.

Waiting for “the little boss” her mind makes up letters and three-dimensional figures that if one observes well, together they say “Zempa” in honor of the sacred Mexican flower. As he colours, his phone's speaker is blasting, The Boom Bap resonates, and the mixed samplers, guitars, swing, synthesizers and other rhythms fuse it between its desires, its history, its aspirations and its culture hip hop. Perhaps his present, like the rest of the vatos, is not the best, but the music that has been a medicine for his soul makes his life more enjoyable, that medicinal music is orchestrated nothing more and nothing less than by the hands of a doctor, that's right, Doctor Zupreeme.

Back in the nineties Mexican music scene let loose with everything, even more on the north side of the republic where the royal advance had wreaked havoc (which we all applaud) in those times and that today we continue to celebrate with bands like spring among others that for many, today are very heavy, like the Bastón Band that is still ahead and that it arrived in Mexico City with a fresh and new sound, how did this happen? Well, from this mobility and cunning of a couple of dudes who (like everyone else) saw fit go out and look for rap, ideals and hip hop, one of them being crowned doctor. Just like that is Gonzalo Muñoz who harmonizes and carries the sound of one of the most prominent record companies in the Mexican rap scene, we are of course talking about Homegrown.

If we look for the etymology of name, we can see that Gonzalo means “genius of war, man willing to fight, genius of combat. Gonzalo comes from a Germanic guerrilla name: Gonzalvus or Gundisalvus; where gon it means willing and salvus, to fight; therefore the name does reference to the warrior's readiness to fight" and yes,  just how it could be described Doctor Zupreeme, why? Now they will know.

Recently, we had a talk with Doctor Zupreeme in the studios Home-grown. The talk saw fit to be a kind of retrospective of the career of the Doctor and at the same time it was a remembrance of the musical history that was lived from the 90s to date, we also talk about alternative projects to the Bastón Band, such is the case of MexFutura, a project in which he participates hand in hand with Denise Gutiérrez Vocalist for Hello Seahorse.

You have more than 20 years of career.

Since '97 we made our first show and I say "first show" because in '97 we did one and then in '98 we did the second.

Regarding its beginning, Zupreeme remembers “When Muelas and I started there was not even the figure of the rapper in Mexico, if you liked rap you were called a cholo, at that time the a lot of rock, there was the heyday of metalheads and rockers”

It was a good year for Latin American music, right? Good records came out in those yearss

I don't remember if it was 97 or 98 when Plastilina Mosh, Resote, Zurdok Control Machete albums came out.

You arrive in Mexico City 20 years ago and what happens?

We arrived well nosed, we already had the group and we had already had about three songs, we thought that there was very little rap in Spanish, so we launched ourselves, and when we arrived in D.F. we found that there was a lot of groups, so we started to make a community with gangs of everywhere, Sinaloa, Sonora, San Luis Potosí, with colleagues like Elote, FDD attack… Then in 2003 we played at Vive Latino it was like two in the late or something, it seems to me that it was the first time that there was a scenario of pure hip-hop

So it doesn't take long to be on a big stage magnitude.

That's what I'm telling you, since we arrived in '99 we arrived with everything to the point of stepping on a Vive Latino stage, we didn't think that in 2003 we were going to hit it hard, not really.

From that time to date, how do you see the panorama of rap?

I don't know, every five years it seems something very interesting about rap is going to happen and suddenly something happens, for example in those years it was very fashionable the ska, then around 2007 when we released the Old Guard All Stars se dio otro boom and it looked like it would wear interesting but suddenly reggaeton became super fashionable, right now it looked that things were getting interesting and the trap comes out, and some They do it to make money rather than for fun. When we started we saw it like the fact that by making your music, your songs, with that you already won, and from there up. But in the end we had to do a lot of work so that something will happen in the hip hop, with us" I am not referring only to the Bastón Band, but to all the bands that have been there, making and taking out songs, collaborating in two or three projects or doing things nomas for taste

 What he notices a lot with Cane on live, is that they enjoy it.

Yes, I say right now this is already one company, there are more people involved, however they are things that you would even do free, after all it's what we like to do you enjoy it. That's what the Baton Band is all about.

In these twenty years you have shared with different public which has been constantly changing, have you noticed that change?

Good bastard, for example before there were no girls at the shows, and if there were, the band wanted to go crazy and ended up having madrasas, which doesn't happen anymore; now many girls go and even more people go, more people come to rap shows, the concerts changed along with the public, from places full of cholos to playing in bars where everyone plays, little by little they also changed the songs, and some more chatter.

How did MexFutura come about?

When we recorded the collaboration in Phantom Lights. Us we stayed in the studio talking and we created the first two songs of what which would later become MexFutura, we began to do things specifically for the Project. This is different from how I always work, I didn't make the beats thinking about something specific. Usually I am always putting together bases or base packages without thinking about any project in particular, of the songs that exist of MexFutura, only in one I used samplers that are like very rap. Nope we know how this project can end so the decision was made that it is better to let it flow.

What's next for Dr. Zupreeme?

Well, a bunch of records Cane Band, do big shows, no we want to compete in quantity if not in quality.

If we analyze both the given name of Zupreeme with the previous interview, we can realize that, in effect, has led his career with genius from the beginning, orchestrating without further ado of the movement hip hop what has been been living in Mexico and Latin America, each one of the "wars" that have had to fight, they have put the Baton Band in a well deserved place and soon it will be the same for MexFutura.

The talk ended leaving us a thing very clear, and it is the fact that there is a point in which the decisions that one makes, are fundamental for the story of many Zupreme decided move to another city, and that caused a concert at the Esperanza Iris theater would be filled with euphoria, for example, but also that trip to Mexico City caused that one of so many vatos can get home after painting, taking out notebook and pencil from his backpack and sketch until late, and just like that, you don't know Where will the decisions and aspirations of that or so many more vatos lead? are inspired by the music of Gonzalo Muñoz.


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