“Fraccionar” Collective exhibition by Estancia FEMSA at Casa Luis Barragán

CHUCHO REYES, untitled, date unknown, “Fraccionamiento” installation view at Casa Luis Barragán (Main Bedroom), Mexico City, 2019. Courtesy of Estancia FEMSA – Casa Luis Barragán. Photo: Ramiro Chaves.

With the artists Gideon Appah (Ghana), José Bedia (Cuba/USA), Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker (Panama), Miguel Covarrubias (Mexico), Diamela Eltit (Chile), Julio Galán (Mexico), Liliana Maresca (Argentina), Diego Matthai (Mexico), John Pule (Niue/New Zealand), José Alejandro Restrepo (Colombia), Chucho Reyes (Mexico), Rosa Rolanda (Mexico) and Ming Wong (Singapore/Germany).

Curated by Inti Guerrero Estancia FEMSA-Casa Luis Barragán presents the collective exhibition “Fraccionar” shows that will be on until May 5, 2019 and that brings together pieces by living and historical artists from around the world, design furniture and period documentation are located punctually in places of the house, in order to create a connection with the original use of a space, highlighting the presence of an object, a piece of furniture or a work of art installed by Barragán himself. The exhibition seeks to create moments in the visit where the aggressiveness and hostility of the outside world manage to permeate the interior, thus perverting the spiritual serenity that often characterizes concepts related to “the refuge” in Barragán's architecture – isolated interiors that protect the psyche of the individual from the hysteria of modern life.

1. CHUCHO REYES, Black Christ, undated, in “Fraccionar”, image of the installation at Casa Luis Barragán (Main room), Mexico City, 2019. Courtesy of Estancia FEMSA – Casa Luis Barragán. Photography: Ramiro Chavez.

The works of international artists that make up Fraccionar address, from different angles and contexts, a variety of topics conflicts of contemporary and historical society. Which range from narratives of colonization in specific latitudes, to “queer” subjectivities in societies conservative, also going through the class tensions that are made present in the social dynamics and in the informal architecture of certain Latin American cities, among several others. By infiltrating these themes of somewhat stressful in the controlled environment, visually sublime and mythical house of Casa Barragán, the exhibition awakens both political and poetic and affective regarding the legacy of master Barragán. It is so from from a prism of subjectivities, Fraccionar highlights the fragility and chaos inherent in human life and its negotiation with the beauty and serenity of these timeless spaces.

The exhibition includes two pieces from the FEMSA Collection and is accompanied by a bilingual publication that reproduces an essay on Barragán written by Juan Acha (1916-1995), as well as promotional material from the period of the Jardines del Pedregal de San Ángel development, designed by the architect and to which the title of the exhibition refers.

Fraccionar is presented until May 5 at the Luis Barragán Studio House, located at: Gral. Francisco Ramírez 12-14, Ampliación Daniel Garza, 11840 Mexico City, CDMX.


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