Editorial Crítica presents “The Silk Roads” By Peter Frankopan

The Silk Roads

Peter Frankopan

Publisher: Critique

The heart that has moved the history of the world tells us Peter Frankopan, a researcher at the University of Oxford, is in the lands of Eurasia that traveled the silk routes. There arose the great empires of antiquity and the great religions of universal. The greatest battles in history have taken place there, from Alexander's conquests to the two World Wars, going through the Crusades. There, too, for more than a hundred years, the great war for the oil that bleeds the Middle East.

Dominating this heart of the world was the dream I was chasing Hitler and the one who has faced, from the Crimean War to the present, Russia with its rivals. In an original and provocative book, based on a extraordinary erudition, Peter Frankopan offers us a new vision of the history, reveals unsuspected relationships between the events of the past and It stimulates us to see the events of the present with a different look.

 Frankopan is a research fellow at Worcester College, Oxford, and director of the Center for Byzantine Research at the University of Oxford. He has lectured at leading universities around the world, including Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, New York, King's College of London and the Institute of Historical Research. In 2012 he published The First Crusade.

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