Pam Carrington: The beauty of color in everyday life.



There are people who, from the beginning of their time, have known how to choose the path they will follow for the rest of their lives. For some it is very simple, they just know it and that's it; It's nothing more than keeping up since one is growing, fine-tuning, maturing the vocation and continuing to practice what they are passionate about. Of course, despite the fact that the mission that one will take in life is already defined, nobody, absolutely nobody has it easy, polishing the technique is imperative and sometimes it takes a lot of work, however, the effort and perseverance leave great fruits. . Blessed are those who have managed to guess their vocation from the beginning.

Pam Carrington came into the world in 1986, taking Guadalajara as her birthplace and for as long as she can remember, she has been drawing all her life, maintaining an inseparable relationship with ink and watercolor, but also working alongside digital media, as well like other similar techniques. Carrington is happy doing all kinds of illustration (Children's books, apps, editorial, web, and whatnot).​

All this range of techniques that Pam Carrington handles have generated a quite particular style within the world of illustration, when we see her works we can appreciate how the everyday world is embellished, from an aerobics session to a still life with a turkey dancing to side of your condiments, or even a relaxing soak in a tub; transforming the routine of the world into a colorful version of life makes Pam's work completely applaudable; to the extent that her work has led her to collaborate with renowned companies and institutions.

A few days ago we had a brief talk with Pam Carrington, who tells us part of her career in the world of the arts, her influences and her favorite techniques, the process that has led her along the path of illustration, projects in which she has participated .



D’Arte Magazine- We are going to start with the origin, you tell us that since you can remember you have drawn, do you have any memory that you think has been a trigger to remain in the drawing to this day?

Pam Carrington- I think that one of the earliest memories of my relationship with drawing is that I didn't draw as well as my classmates since I was very young (kindergarten) and in particular one of my influences was a cousin ten years older than me. and that she drew incredible, and one of my clearest memories is wanting to draw like her, and I remember that my mother told me that if I wanted to draw like her I would have to draw a lot, something that really stuck with me.

R. D. – what appeals to you more than watercolor and digital illustration

P. C. – digital illustration for me its appeal lies in its practicality, you can modify, erase and change what you like and also the range of textures and media that are at your fingertips, however my great love will always be the analogous techniques. As for watercolor, I have been working on it for several years, especially in combination with ink. I tend to draw very small things with very small details and watercolor lends itself a lot to achieve these details, watercolor also has a lot of play and can be adapted to your style and helps you create new styles.

R.D. – When seeing your works, the love with which you make each illustration is quite noticeable, just as you tell us on your page, there is a lot of nobility in the color, the faint essence of the watercolor highlights that nobility. Is that essence with which it is presented intentional? your work?

P. C.- watercolor allows you many things and I think that it also takes me to that subtlety, it may sound a bit strange but watercolor is a very sweet material, and for what I paint it is a good complement.

R.D. – your work has led you to collaborate with institutions such as CONACULTA among others, tell us what it has been like to collaborate on projects of this magnitude.

P. C. – For example, my first experience was working on a project for the Senate of the Republic, making a book just about the Senate but focused on children and for me it was a super intense experience and at the same time quite enriching, this experience of making a book in a month without ever having done one before, it was a challenge where I took intensive courses and also worked with someone else's text, and it was quite satisfying. Another collaboration that I can say is my favorite this year was with the LEGO Foundation making "recipes" that are the game manuals that are given in health centers to encourage parents to play with their children, it was a project where my style was fortunately it was a perfect fit for what the foundation was looking for

R. D. – Throughout this journey, who has influenced you?

P. C.- Yes, I am a fairly voracious consumer of images and I think that it helps a lot to furnish one's head and have a new idea to come up with when one needs it, part of the magic of social networks and the internet have led us to a fully accessible world. As visual references I have cartoonists like Quino who greatly influenced my way of drawing.

R. D. – What are your most recent projects?

P. C. – Recently I have been doing a lot of work for orders, trying to get into the head of an unknown person and interpret it in a very short time and with very few references is a good opportunity to check some adjustments also in my work, and it is very enriching , also just came out a book from a lost paradise editorial called "Bidi Bidi BomBom" which is a tribute to Selena in which I have an illustration

R. D. – What are your projects for this coming year?

P. C. – I would love to have it clearer but I am not so sure, the plan is to continue illustrating as much as possible, recently I began to make physical applications of my illustrations with notebooks, which has had a very good response, the first printing sold out in two days and I am working on the second one, and I hope more collaborations will come, I would love to do murals this year.



Pam opens up a different look at the world of illustration, showing us that what we have around us may be more and more pleasant if we look at it through new colors, perhaps liquids, perhaps sweet colors or the way in that we want to appreciate the world as long as it is with good eyes. Pam Carrington has worked with CONACULTA, the Lego Foundation, the Senate of the Republic, Editorial B de Blok, Instyle México, BbMundo, HOTBOOK, T3, Editorial Castillo.

Twitter: @minimonette


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