Campobaja sustainable cuisine from the Mexican Pacific

“From our Oaxacan roots we obtained respect for our origins. On our Sinaloan side, love for the sea. And from the union of both the passion for showing the world and especially our countrymen the importance of understanding the richness of the Mexican Pacific.”

Inspired by the country food of Baja California, Campobaja is a gastronomic proposal that brings the freshest products from the sea to the plate.

Under the philosophy of sustainable fishing, chefs Alejandro Zárate and Ezequiel Hernández, together with Ja'Mat, a seafood distributor, work on each of Campobaja's dishes, integrating some Oaxacan roots into the preparation of the ingredients.

 Campobaja is located at Colima 124 in the Roma neighborhood in a relaxed place that conveys the style of the cuisine that inspires it, a place where the dishes are designed to be served in the center to be shared with those who accompany you at the table, under the idea so that everyone can enjoy and try the different proposals on the menu.

To speak of Campobaja is to share the experience of working for a long time in the maritime field throughout Baja California in the Roma neighborhood. Directed by Ezequiel Hernández and Alejandro Zárate, Campobaja integrates the culinary influences of Campo de Baja California.

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