Archipaper. Drawings from the plan. Drawing the Need of the Architect

The Centro Cultural España presents an exhibition that speaks of the creative pulse raised from the line, from color and imagination, but also of projects that were actually built and whose drawings show a different way of conceiving 21st century architecture: more human , more artistic, more contemporary.

The graphite, the watercolor or the digital trace is the original tool to think of an architect. It is the first sketch, beyond dreams, which then walks towards the plane and from there to the foundation. This recent generation of Spanish architects, unique and a creative reference in the world, has coexisted with the constructive delights of past decades and resisted, through thought, to the point of creating a way of drawing architecture from the invisible, from paper

It had to be a German physicist from the beginning of the 20th century, Albert Einstein, who pronounced a sentence that perhaps would guide a whole generation of European architects a hundred years later: “If I can't draw it, I don't understand it”. A maxim that compacts the reality of Spanish architecture of the last decade, in which, drowned by the economic crisis of 2008, it found in drawing the way to develop and transfer its ideas of a utopian or real city, to discuss the model contemporary society.

The exhibition was curated by Mario Suárez, journalist and art curator. In the exhibition field, he works in the field of drawing, illustration and urban art, curating the exhibition 'Spanish Illustrators. The color of optimism' that since 2013 has passed through Berlin, Frankfurt, Rome, Washington, Mexico City, Rosario, Buenos Aires and Córdoba, organized by AECID. He has been curator and director of communication for four editions of MULAFEST, the Madrid Urban Trends Festival (IFEMA), and directs the graphic art gallery, Gunter Gallery. As a journalist, his career is linked to media such as El País and publications such as El País Semanal, Rolling Stone, Dominical, Tentaciones de El País, SModa, GQ, GQ México or Dapper, among others, as well as a collaborator on different Cadena SER programs. He is the author of more than a dozen books, most with the Lunwerg (Planeta) publishing house, focused on illustration and urban art.


Amid.cero9 (Es)

Nerea Calvillo (Es)

Izaskun Chinchilla (Es)

Cruz y Ortiz (Es)

Ecosistema Urbano (Es)

elii (Es)

Ensamble Studio (Es)

Husos (Es)

Andrés Jaque (Es)

Enrique Krahe (Es)

Langarita Navarro (Es)

Martín Lejarraga (Es)

María Mallo (Es)

Manuel Álvarez-Monteserín (Es)

Murado y Elvira Arquitectos (Es)

NO.MAD Arquitectos-Eduardo Arroyo (Es)

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos (Es)

Manuel Ocaña (Es)

Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos (Es)

Ana Peñalba (Es)

Picado-De Blas Arquitectos (Es)

RCR Arquitectes (Es)

TallerDE2 Arquitectos (Es)

Takk Architecture (Es)

Todo por la praxis (Es)

Luis Úrculo (Es)

Gonzalo del Val (Es)

Zuloark (Es)


From July 7 to September 30, 2018.

Spain Cultural Center


Rocío García

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