In Berlin, the restaurant scene is just as varied and exciting as the city itself. On this occasion we decided to contact the best, and without a doubt they are BERLINAGENTEN, this specialized tour agency recommended one of its most exciting tours, the Gastro Rally Delux. A very stylish and totally personalized tour, focused on taking the daring to try out-of-the-ordinary dishes in historical or unusual locations. Without hesitation and like guinea pigs we let ourselves be carried away by this gastronomic initiation ritual. The Gastro Rally Deluxe takes you to the best tables in Mitte.

The appointment is at a pharmacy, the indication is to wait in one of the corners under a clock until you meet the gastronomy guru who will guide you through three of the top restaurants of the moment in Berlin. Our guide Lollie, an expert on the streets of Berlin, novel writer and contributor to different magazines, but most importantly, eccentric and daring, from the beginning takes us into the most intimate of nightlife in Berlin. Doors that without knowing what you will find inside you would not have broken into, access to the best bars through a telephone booth or through apparent bathrooms, in short, the concept that is carried in Berlin to provide an innovative, creative and risky service is crazy gastronomic and nightly entertainment.

Walking we arrive at our first destination, MANI, a French cuisine restaurant with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences. Elegant and detailed dishes in their elaboration that allow you to distinguish each ingredient, each species and all its textures that take your palate on a trip from France to Tel Aviv. The pairing suggestion is always wise, the wine list they handle is splendid and very selective.


Martin Shanninger is the chef in charge of Mani's exquisite cuisine, some of his proposals that you cannot miss are:

+Lamb ribs with figs

+Aged Roast Beef with hummus, roasted onion and pickles

+Tuna wrapped in pistachio paste and Jerusalem artichoke



The second stop is PAULY SAAL, where gastronomy takes over a historic building. The owners, Stephan and Boris, decide to put tablecloths on what was a school for Jewish girls and later taken over by the Nazis. The design of the place could not be more suitable, you have to go through two doors without any sign of the wonder that you will find inside, to reach a bar through which you must unwrap yourself until you reach another door and sit down at one of the best tables in Berlin. of the moment. The kitchen is open, the atmosphere full of conversations incited by good wine and the delight of savoring the creations served at Paul and Saal, an environment that is adorned with the beautiful Murano chandeliers that invade the ceilings. The following dishes are unmissable:


+Stewed beef shoulder with homemade potato noodles and Perigord truffles

+Lamb loin, fresh from his invaluable roastery

+Beef entrecote aged for seven weeks presented in charcoal.



The end of our tour is at KATZ ORANGE, a place that is located in an old villa in Mitte, which will immediately surround you with its lively surroundings, with a dj that seems to combine between the past and the present, his mixes are wise to the good talk but that also make several move with their rhythms. Each corner, with vintage details, make you look around to the sink (which by the way is very unusual). But most importantly, its kitchen, a place that has been concerned about the quality of its food and therefore the way it will be enjoyed at the table of its guests. Katz Orange supervises each of the ingredients, which must comply with being organic and promoting sustainability and respect for animals and plants. They try to choose ingredients from local producers, which gives an element of freshness and meaning to what you put in your mouth in this place. You must not miss:

+Slow-cooked aged beef cheek with cauliflower, pumpkin, lime leaves, coriander and sake

+Duroc pork cooked for 12 hours over low heat with champagne, cabbage and lemon yogurt with garlic.

+Cream, jelly and lemon jelly

+ Chocolate and banana cake



This specialized agency is dedicated to creating unique experiences for those intrepid travelers who seek to immerse themselves in highly original routes that are different from any other. Belinagenten shows the hip and sexy side of Berlin, specialized guides will take lovers of fashion, architecture, gastronomy, art and luxury to the indicated and least expected places in the city.



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