The messages of the universe from “flowers” ​​by Alicia Amador

In the house of paintings

start singing,

rehearse the song,

spill flowers,

cheer up the song

fragment of "Song of Spring" of Nezahualcoyotl

If we look around us, we really find that one has always been surrounded by beauty, by life, by divine things. We would realize that we have these virtues of appreciation instilled in us since before we were born, because it is in the womb where life, compassion, joy and the greatest love begin to form together with each one of us. But it doesn't stop there, if we reflect deeply we would find that we are the last link in a chain of people who have watched an enormously beautiful sunrise with emotion, who have lovingly touched another skin or who have cried with a song.

Empathy with the wonder of the universe causes a more than ancestral connection, it also becomes the most intimate relationship we can have in our lives. Finding dialogue between the human being and the rest of the universe seems like a task that only great masters and alchemists possess, even more impressive is becoming perceptive of all the messages that we have around us.

Alicia Amador has managed to convey to us that intimacy she has with beauty, through her work that ranges from almost immediate joy to both personal and collective nostalgia. His new exhibition "flowers" is an example of this, between that carnival of colors that act as witnesses of our sensations and the notion of a personal reunion that the viewer has, since, during the tour, while one visits the collection; it seems as if the spectator paraded before a floral public that, although inert; meets such a great and mystical energy but at the same time pious and understanding that it seems that Alicia's work completely understood what goes through the individual's mind, understood it and helped him to continue on his way.

This is how Alicia Amador's painting has found a way to provide us with that ancient connection with the universe through "flowers", an exhibition that is currently in the Oscar Román gallery, due to the virtuosity of its colors and shapes. The brush dances, the different shades beat to the rhythm of our sensations and everything to the beat of the universe that Alicia has created, a universe that watches us while we contemplate it.

Oscar Roman Gallery

Jules Verne Street 14, Polanco,

Polanco III Secc, 11550 Mexico City, CDMX

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